Who We Are

Target Language provides linguistic experts who are trained to deliver accurate legal, medical, technical, financial, and business oriented translations. We guarantee translations with superior quality and accuracy at competitive prices. We maintain a strict code of ethics to maintain complete confidentiality.

We provide trained professionals with solid experience who will cater precisely to the client’s needs. Each one of our interpreters, translators, and editors is trained in a specific field, whether it be insurance, medical, legal, financial, maritime, as well as other fields.

We provide onsite Interpreters for depositions, examinations under oath, independent medical examinations, hearings, trials, home inspections, recorded statements, crime scene investigations, and any other services needed. We also provide written translation for websites, legal documents, medical tests, insurance documents, and any other type of documents.

We have the most professional and qualified interpreters and translators under our belt. All are either certified or duly-qualified and have been working in their field for 7+ years. We have Court Interpreters, Translation & Interpreting Professors, and Certified Translators.

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